Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Time News to Share!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to apologize for being quiet as of late, but there's been a really GOOD reason. In addition to revamping and reorganizing my website so that it is more reader-friendly, I've been writing a lot and working on edits for Switch Master, coming soon from Ellora's Cave Taboo, the final book in my Ink and Kink series featuring the Maddox brothers and their friends.

Today, however, I wanted to share some incredible news. I've recently sold/contracted a 3 book series with Ellora's Cave titled Sexcapades, featuring an interesting cast of characters first introduced in Hazard's Dare, EC Moderne, and take place in fictional Dare, Nevada. Here's a short summary of the series:
Three Nevadan men with a kinky side and a secret to guard join forces to rescue Dare, Nevada, a Wild West ghost town from extinction, turning it into a haven where they and the town’s famous visitors explore their naughtiest fantasies without risk of discovery. Their motto: Take a chance on Dare, you might decide to stay.

I don't have release date information, yet, however, I can say that Book 1: Menage-A-Dare, coming from Ellora's Cave Taboo, is finished and going into edits soon. Book 2: Virgin's Dare, is a m/m contemporary for Spectrum, and Book 3 finishes out the series with: Illusionist's Dare, a contemporary erotic romance.

Additionally, I've two stand alone novel/novellas coming from Ellora's Cave Exotica! Yes, I've taken the leap into the hot, hot, hot zone with a 'possible' HEA for each, or not?! Look for Pleasure Trove and Road Gig in the coming months!  

I'm so excited to share this news with my readers, and I can't wait to unviel my new website in the coming weeks. As some may know Ellora's Cave Publishing's RomantiCon13 is right around the corner and I may not post as much, but pictures will go up on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for letting me share!

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  1. How exciting about you starting up a new series of Three Nevadan men. Hope I got that right. Still I will be mouring the finish of the Maddox brothers and their friends. I love them so much and want to be back there with them some more! If I read you Blog right, the next group you'll write about will have some fire and excitement, so I look forward to experiencing this new place and the people in it. Congratulations on your new books deals. Bye for now, Judy King