Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest Post: Missy Jane!

Greetings everyone! I wanted to take a moment to thank Missy Jane for agreeing to be my guest blogger today.
I hope you'll welcome her with open arms. Comment, interact, whatever works for you all and for Missy.
Missy is an author with Ellora's Cave and she's showcasing her new Ellora's Cave Blush release, Winning Back Wednesday!
Check out the cover!

Thanks again Frances for having me on your blog! I hope your readers don’t mind me taking over for the day. I enjoy blogging and guest blogging because it often gives me a chance to be seen and interact with new readers. On my own blog I’m not nearly as active as some, and also have guests from time to time. It’s kind of funny when I think back to just a couple of short years ago and my very first blog. I had no idea what to write about, how long it should be, or even why I should be doing it. There was a lot of discussion amongst authors about the perks of blogging on a regular basis and it all sounded like a good idea.

So I decided to create my blog and just go for it but then got stumped on what to actually write about. I’ve written about my kids, my writing, and my daily activities. I’ve had guest bloggers who are authors, models, and photographers. I’ve posted book reviews and my bucket list, as well as recipes and pictures of my office.  I’m always looking for fresh ideas and entertaining ways to attract new readers. Whenever I do guest posts it’s just as fun as posting to my own blog.

I’d have to say one of my favorite posts is when I can announce a new release, like today. Ellora’s Cave Publishing is known for their sexually explicit content and steamy romances, but did you know they also have a tamer side? Their Blush line is still about the love story but with a softer side. For the first time I’ll have an ebook in this line called Winning Back Wednesday. It’s a short story and so far one of my favorites. Here’s the blurb:

Austin and Wednesday have been friends for years. He values their friendship, though he’s horrible at showing it, and she loves him more deeply than she’s willing to admit. When he discovers she’s never celebrated a birthday, he plans a special night for just the two of them. Too bad he forgets to show up.

Wednesday has always been the Mistress of Denial. But this time she’s had it. Austin is not good for her, so she packs up and moves on. Now that Austin knows what he’s lost he’s not willing to let her go. And it’s going to take every trick in his arsenal to prove his love and win back Wednesday.

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